We need you...

It takes a community...

The most important word in Community Wildfire Protection Plan is COMMUNITY. This is OUR plan! Coal Creek Canyon (CCC) residents in our Fire District are urged to step up, join forces, and help craft a CWPP that reflects our concerns and clearly outlines the steps we can take to protect our homes, families, firefighters, and help CCC become a fire adapted community.

Our fire department cannot take the lead by themselves on mitigation programs, as our selfless volunteer firefighters spend countless hours every month responding to calls to help save our lives and our homes. Now we can do more to help them safely do their jobs.

Residents can sign up for the CWPP master email list by clicking the link below. You will be emailed information about upcoming community meetings and a survey which will allow you to identify your biggest concerns in living with the constant threat of wildfire. Resident input will be incorporated into the CWPP, and fire mitigation recommendations will be outlined based on your specific concerns.

When you register your email address here, we will also put you in contact with your Community Ambassador, who has pledged to help get information out to their community and help get your questions answered.

Plan Units

The Fire District has been divided into 14 communities, which will be referred to as Plan Units in the CWPP. The interactive map below shows the CWPP community in which you reside, based on your home address.

Who is paying for this CWPP update?

You already have! A portion of your property taxes go the Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District to pay for your fire protection services, upkeep of the four fire stations, fire and emergency response vehicles and equipment, insurance, and training of volunteer firefighters —  both structure fire/medical emergency responders and the wildland crew. The District budget allowed for beginning the CWPP update process. Several grants have been applied for and we are very optimistic about our chances to receive this funding.

Check out our NEW resource page! Check out our NEW resource page!
Check out our NEW resource page! Check out our NEW resource page!