The Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District (CCCFPD or District) is happy to invite you to review the updated Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP). This CWPP is an amazing resource for residents in the District, to understand the wildfire risks we face and come together to take action to mitigate those risks. Go to our website at  or the CCCFPD website at for links to the CWPP. Community review of the CWPP will be active from March 25 to April 8. Please take a minute to fill out the survey you will find there as well. Your feedback is still very important to us!

The CWPP presents the most up-to-date scientific analysis of the wildfire risks we face right here in Coal Creek Canyon. The new era of climate change and mega forest fires has given fire behavior scientists a vast new pool of data, and actual on-the-ground results, of wildfire in the forested lands where we live. The Colorado State Forest Service recently updated its predictive fire mapping system, CO-WRA, to include the risks associated with unmitigated grasslands. Ours is one of the first CWPPs in Colorado to use the updated maps, and the resulting document is very impressive.

  • Many of the evacuation roads in the District have sections identified as non-survivable in a wildfire situation, and maps in the CWPP clearly show those dangerous sections.
  • A thorough study of predicted evacuation road congestion and pinch points will help residents understand how long it may take to get everyone out of the District ahead of a moving fire front. This will enable CCC residents to adequately plan for a safe evacuation.
  • Doing effective fire mitigation in the Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) can significantly improve the odds that your home will still be standing after a wildfire. The CWPP outlines actions which can be taken by residents to harden their homes and create defensible space.
  • A comprehensive analysis of predicted post-fire flooding and sediment delivery is also included.
  • The District was divided into 15 Plan Units, and each was assessed for risks and specific recommendations were made to mitigate those risks.

The CCCFPD has worked diligently with The Ember Alliance to produce a CWPP for all residents in the District. In the year-long process, District Fire Chief, Garret Ball, and CCCFPD Board of Directors member, Jody Dickson, have been supported by a CWPP Core Team of representatives from Boulder Watershed Collective, Blue Mountain Forest Stewardship Initiative, Saws and Slaws, Gilpin County CSU Extension, Colorado State Forest Service, Jefferson County Open Space, US Forest Service, and Colorado Department of Transportation. The process included gathering the input and concerns from folks living here in the District, through a resident survey and community focus group meetings, and ensure that community input was fully considered in the focus of the CWPP.

Mark your calendar!

CWPP Rollout Meeting

The CCCFPD will host a Community CWPP Rollout Meeting for CCC residents at the CCCIA hall, on Thursday, May 2, 6:30-8:00 pm. Come learn about the risks outlined in the CWPP and understand the mitigation measures the Fire Department recommends. Email invitations will be sent out with a link to RSVP. If you’re on our master email list, you will automatically get CWPP Update emails. If you aren’t sure that we have your email address, drop us a line at (please include your street address so we know which Plan Unit you live in) and we will make sure you are added.

CWPP Focus Groups

The CCCFPD will also host four CWPP Focus Group meetings for Plan Unit clusters around the four fire stations in CCC, to walk through the new risk analyses and mitigation recommendations for each Plan Unit community. The Focus Groups will again occur on Thursday evenings in June. Stay tuned for more information!

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Please find your Plan Unit and RSVP to the corresponding Focus Group Meeting:
Please find your Plan Unit and RSVP to the corresponding Focus Group Meeting:
RSVP to The June Focus Groups!! RSVP to The June Focus Groups!!
RSVP to The June Focus Groups!! RSVP to The June Focus Groups!!