Great Fire Mitigation Work Done in Crescent Park 

The Crescent Park Community Fire Protection Association (CPCFPA) is a volunteer-led organization established in 2021 and tasked with developing fire mitigation plans and projects to keep the people, properties, livestock, wildlife, and the environment in and surrounding Crescent Park safe from damaging and destructive wildfires.


The founding members and association officers are Barbara Mazurowski, President; Tony Carmeli, Vice President; Steve Shelton, Treasurer; Jean Tinder, Secretary; Lea McComas, Educational Director; Inge Segelmann, Director; Michelle Courtney, Grant Director; and David Murphy, Director. These neighbors worked hard in getting the organization up and running and established this organization as a Nonprofit 501(c) 3 within the first few months.  


During 2021 and 2022 the CPCFPA joined with the Crescent Park HOA in providing slash events for the entire Community and held annual Educational Events to educate the Community in the Fire Mitigation activities that they can use to help keep their families, and properties fire safe. Also, during 2022, the CPCFPA provided grant funding to certify two Home Inspection Zone (HIZ) Auditors:  Al Cook and Marcus Duffy.  These trained resources are available for HIZ inspections throughout Coal Creek Canyon, not just Crescent Park.  Approximately 15 HIZ inspections (with support from Blue Mountain Forest Stewardship Initiative) have been performed.  Home Inspection Zone (HIZ) events have been underway in the community and will continue. Residents learn how to reduce a home’s risk of igniting in the event of a wildfire and have completed significant defensible space in their neighborhood and meaningful home hardening upgrades, which also help firefighters to safely protect their property. For more information, contact us at


This organization is fortunate to continue its mission due to new members and new property owners, who are giving their time and energy to support the mission of Community Fire Protection.


After a very productive 2023, The CPCFPA is planning mitigation events for 2024 which will help make the plan unit a Fire Adapted Community.

The community has earned a Certificate of Recognition from the National Firewise USA Program acknowledging that Crescent Park Community Fire Protection Association has successfully completed the Firewise program’s annual requirements for 2023 and is a designated Firewise USA Community. This was accomplished because many residents participated in clearing properties of slash and disposing of slash during 2022 and a slash event in July of 2023, which was supported by United Power. The United Power slash event resulted in participation by approximately 35 properties, 20 truckloads of chipped slash equaling 644 cubic yards of slash, and over 690 hours of volunteer hours devoted to fire mitigation.  In addition to the United Power slash event, the CPCFPA volunteers also participated in the Team Rubicon event hosted by Saws and Slaws in 2023 working in both Copperdale and Crescent Park communities.


CPCFPA efforts will continue in 2024 and will include the establishment of an alternate emergency evacuation route, additional slash disposal events, inviting Team Rubicon to Crescent Park to assist property owners in mitigation, working with Colorado State Forest Service to clear land to create a fuelbreak, and providing information for performing effective fire mitigation from a consulting forester during the annual education event.

The CPCFPA is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization and donations are tax deductible.


The CCCFPD Community Outreach Team salutes all the folks who worked hard to form and to continue operations of the successful fire mitigation group in Crescent Park. Good job all!


If you would like help in starting a fire mitigation group in your neighborhood just drop us a line and we’d be happy to help. Contact us at or email us at

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