Update on the Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP)

Recap on why we need an updated CWPP.

The Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District (CCCFPD) board of directors voted to update the District’s 2008 Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) in August of 2022, and contracted the services of The Ember Alliance to produce the CWPP in December of 2022. Upon completion, residents will have a step-by-step outline of mitigation work which, if completed, will protect their homes and communities from wildfire. Importantly, an updated CWPP will allow the Fire District, Coal Creek Canyon (CCC) resident groups, and non-profit organizations to be considered for grant funding to implement the hazard mitigation recommendations outlined in the CWPP.


Who is developing the CWPP?
The CWPP is being prepared by fire mitigation experts at The Ember Alliance, working with a Core Team which is responsible for supplying accurate historical information and double checking the fire modeling data with on-the-ground quality assurance. The Core Team has been working diligently all year to ensure our CWPP is accurate and meets or exceeds the Colorado State Forest Service (CSFS) Standards for CWPPs. Members include representatives from the CCCFPD, CSFS Jeffco, CSFS Boulder, CSU Extension (Gilpin), Jeffco Open Space, Boulder County Planning and Permitting, Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and three local nonprofit organizations: Saws and Slaws, Blue Mountain Forest Stewardship Initiative, and Boulder Watershed Collective. When needed, additional stakeholders are consulted, such as US Forest Service, Jefferson Conservation District, United Power, Jeffco Road and Bridge, and the chiefs of the Fire Districts which border ours.


Who is representing the CCC residents in the CWPP process?
The CCCFPD appointed a group of resident volunteers and individuals from local nonprofit organizations to create their Community Outreach Team. Through a new website and master email list, the team solicits community engagement and makes sure the concerns and input from CCC residents is heard and reflected in the CWPP. This team includes folks from Saws and Slaws, Blue Mountain Forest Stewardship Initiative, and Boulder Watershed Collective, who bring many years of community knowledge and fire mitigation experience to the effort. Go to www.CoalCreekCWPP.org for news on the CWPP process and sign up to receive emails to stay informed.


How much of the CWPP has been completed?
The CWPP is over halfway completed now. Much of the risk mapping has been completed, showing predicted fire behavior, un-survivable roads, evacuation route congestion, etc.

The District has been divided into 15 Plan Units and individual risk assessments will be completed for each. To find out which Plan Unit your home is located in, please see the Plan Unit map on our website (see above) or email us at CWPPforCCC@gmail.com. Please include your street address with your request.


When will CCC residents get to see the completed CWPP?
A Community CWPP Rollout Meeting is planned for early March 2024. Stay tuned for more information.

What now?
Folks often ask the Community Outreach Team how their community can get a head start on planning for implementation of projects recommended in the CWPP?

Here’s what we tell them:
• Find your Plan Unit.
• Enlist a few neighbors to help select a time and date for a planning meeting
• Contact your Community Ambassador and ask them to send out an email to invite your Plan Unit neighbors to the meeting.
• Elect a leader if your Community Ambassador only wants to remain the communicator for your group (this is a big job already!)
• Get some momentum started so when the CWPP is published you can:
              o Prioritize and select your first projects.
              o Get a scope of work identified and clearly stated.
              o Be ready to apply for grant funds in the spring of 2024.

Early birds will get off to a running start. And the CCCFPD Community Outreach Team will be there to advise and support you every step of the way!

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Check out our NEW resource page! Check out our NEW resource page!