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The Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District (CCCFPD) and its Community Outreach Team members thank the CCC community for their robust support of the new Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP).

So far, residents have been given six ways to become engaged in the CWPP process and communicate to us your questions and concerns about living with wildfire. The community response has been very gratifying and much appreciated. We owe a great deal of thanks to the hardworking Community Ambassadors who represent the 15 CWPP neighborhood Plan Units which cover all residents of the Fire District.

CWPP Community Kickoff Meeting
On April 27, the community was invited to the CCCIA Hall to hear a presentation on how the CWPP will be created, which fire mitigation projects will be prioritized, and how to make sure your concerns are included in the Plan. Over 100 folks attended the meeting in person and an additional 25 attended by Zoom. After the presentation, residents were broken into smaller groups to discuss and record their input. Even the Zoom group participated in the feedback session. The Team carefully recorded everything participants shared. That information will help guide us in the creation of a CWPP which truly fits our community.

Focus Groups at the Fire Stations
On Thursday evenings in June residents were invited to attend a CWPP Focus Group at each of the four CCCFPD stations. A presentation was given showing how the latest fire science is being utilized to map and model the different fire scenarios in our communities. Evacuation routes were mapped and un-survivable roads were identified. Recommendations will be made in the CWPP on how to effectively mitigate the risk of wildfire. Attendee input was recorded and will serve to help us prioritize fire mitigation efforts. We thank the many residents who attended these Focus Groups: Station 1 had 39 residents, Station 2 had 46 residents, Station 3 had 20 residents and Station 4 had 30 residents.

Fire Department Resident Survey
The response to our survey was amazing! 246 residents completed the 61-question survey and gave us vital information on what they believe is necessary to live in a wildfire prone environment. This information has been given to The Ember Alliance for inclusion in our CWPP. Your continued input will help guide the prioritization of mitigation projects in the District.

The full survey results will be presented in the CWPP. Here are a few examples of answers we received:

Question: I believe our community is at risk from wildfire.

Answers: Strongly Agree – 199, Agree – 47

Question: I believe each landowner is responsible for effective fire mitigation.

Answers: Strongly Agree – 181, Agree – 65

Question: I believe it is important to remove some trees for wildfire protection on my own property.

Answers: Strongly Agree – 138, Agree – 96, Disagree – 10, Strongly Disagree – 2

Question: I believe trees should be removed along roads to enhance the safety of roads for evacuation.

Answers: Strongly Agree – 136, Agree – 87, Disagree – 18, did not answer this question – 5

Question: How concerned are you about receiving accurate and timely evacuation information about a wildfire?

Answers: Very – 193, Moderately – 48, Slightly – 4, Not – 1

Question: How concerned are you about wildfire impacts on property value?

Answers: Very – 159, Moderately – 64, Slightly – 16, Not – 6, did not answer this question – 1

Question: How concerned are you about damage to ecological communities and wildlife?

Answers: Very – 164, Moderately – 64, Slightly – 17, did not answer this question – 1

Please stay involved!
Your continued input is vital to the process of crafting a CWPP which reflects our community’s values and concerns. Please email us at CWPPforCCC@gmail.com and let us know your thoughts! Many thanks to the 503 folks who have joined our master email list. If you haven’t already done so, please visit www.CoalCreekCWPP.org and sign up. We will keep you informed on community-based wildfire mitigation!

Not sure which Plan Unit you live in?
Click here to see a map of the District Plan Units.

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Please find your Plan Unit and RSVP to the corresponding Focus Group Meeting:
Please find your Plan Unit and RSVP to the corresponding Focus Group Meeting:
RSVP to The June Focus Groups!! RSVP to The June Focus Groups!!
RSVP to The June Focus Groups!! RSVP to The June Focus Groups!!