Come to a Community Meeting to Learn About the CWPP

The Coal Creek Canyon Fire Protection District (CCCFPD or District) 2008 Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) is being updated this year. The District respectfully asks you to become involved in the process. Voicing your concerns and insights is vital to producing a CWPP that addresses the fire mitigation needs of the CCCFPD and all CCC residents. We need to look at our abundant forest differently now. The fact there has been no large wildfire here in over 100 years is BAD news, not good news!


At the Community Meeting you’ll learn what is covered in the CWPP, including:

• Identification of evacuation routes which are currently non-survivable in the event of wildfire.
• Community-wide fuels mitigation needed to protect homes, entire neighborhoods, and our volunteer firefighters.
• Simple things which can be done in the Home Ignition Zone (HIZ) to give your home a fighting chance to survive a wildfire.


The District is divided into many separate communities, which will be evaluated in the new CWPP using scientific fire behavior modeling and risk analysis. The CWPP will outline step-by-step, prioritized fire mitigation recommendations for each community. Beginning with the Community Meeting, there will be several opportunities to give your input and concerns, which will then be included in the new CWPP.


The Community Outreach Team has been formed to help the CCCFPD get information out to every resident in Coal Creek Canyon. We have built a website to facilitate community outreach and encourage you to visit and sign up there for email communications: So far, over 290 concerned residents have signed up to be included in the Community Outreach Team’s email list and are receiving timely information on the CWPP update.


When you have signed up for email notification through our website:
• You can RSVP to the April 27 Community Meeting to kick off the CWPP update process.
• You will receive a CCCFPD survey, to ensure your concerns are included in the new CWPP.
• You will be invited to a focus group meeting, held this spring at your nearest fire station, to discuss a fire protection plan tailored to your specific community.

To get this vital information sent directly to you, please go to our website and add yourself to the email list.



Invitation to the CWPP Community Meeting

When: Thursday, April 27 from 6:30 to 8:00pm
Where: CCCIA Community Center, 31528 Hwy 72
Who: Meet the CCCFPD Chief, Garret Ball, the Community Outreach Team members, a Colorado State Forest Service forester, the team from The Ember Alliance, and neighbors from CCC who share your concerns.
Why: Because we need your input to include in the new CWPP! And we will take good care of you. We know how much it is to ask you to give up an evening after a long day of work and school. Feel free to come a bit early. We will have some hearty snacks (and cookies, of course!) in case you haven’t had dinner yet. We will also have supervised activities to keep the kids busy while you attend the meeting.


RSVP: Please let us know you are coming! Go to to RSVP.
Your volunteer fire department needs your help now.


We know we can do this. Over the years our CCC community has shown we can face hardship together. The massive flood of 2013 unified all canyon communities in action and solidarity. Watching with horror as the nearby Marshall Fire devoured over 1,000 homes, in December of 2021, brought us together again in the realization that, had the wind shifted, our canyon communities might also have been lost that day. Now we need to band together again to help CCCFPD craft a CWPP to protect our families, homes, property, forest, and beloved lifestyle.


Please…. sign up, show up, step up, help get the word out. As our District Fire Chief Garret Ball says, “It takes a community to protect a community.”

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Please find your Plan Unit and RSVP to the corresponding Focus Group Meeting:
Please find your Plan Unit and RSVP to the corresponding Focus Group Meeting:
RSVP to The June Focus Groups!! RSVP to The June Focus Groups!!
RSVP to The June Focus Groups!! RSVP to The June Focus Groups!!